BHH Recipe Book by Girl Scouts

Some of these were taken from online sources and those links have been given under those as well as videos. So, get cooking and enjoy!

This project arose because two Girl Scouts wanted to make a lasting difference in their immediate community, helping others, and showing that it can be as simple as pulling together recipes offline or from family cookbooks. When we visited the Boca Helping Hands organization, we helped package the fresh produce bags. From that task, we started to put together ideas based on what simple recipes could be made from the ingredients. Tomatoes and mushrooms could make spaghetti sauce, parsley and cabbage could go into a salad and blueberries into a shake. It was with this mentality that the project came about. A simple yet extensively beneficial project. A project that not only clients could use, but that anyone who needed it could use. A recipe book! Recipes that were gathered with food pantries in mind. Everyone has a right to a healthy meal and sometimes, when ingredients are laid before us, it can be difficult to put the puzzle pieces together. How can I make this into a healthy meal for my kids? How can this be a nutritious breakfast for my partner? For myself? Well, that is exactly what this recipe book is for. It’s for you! They were gathered with just you and your ingredients and your time in mind! You can use this book as a starting point for your healthy food endeavors and maybe find your own recipes that are perfect for what you need. Who knows, maybe you will find your new favorite food amongst these simple meals.
- Kelsey Bonner and Analiesa Chavez