From Employee to Entrepreneur

“Boca Helping Hands gave me the keys for success. I had to open the door, but you gave me the chance.”

Diumar Camacho struggled to find a job that fulfilled him, mentally and financially. Despite spending the majority of his time in an office as an HR manager, he and his wife lived paycheck to paycheck. Diumar began dreaming of a career in the growing commercial truck driving industry, which he thought would be the ticket to one day sustaining a growing family, retiring, and helping others in the community.

While searching for new opportunities, a friend pointed Diumar to Boca Helping Hands. He was surprised to find that he could earn his CDL for free through our Job Training Program and asked for the information and phone number immediately.

“I did it right then. I didn’t waste time. I called [the Front Desk receptionist] and said that I want to get my CDL. They replied, ‘Are you ready? Come in!’ and I said, ‘Right now?!’ I set up a time to register that very day.”

Very shortly thereafter, Diumar found himself in the CDL Job Training Program (JTP). He recalls it being an “amazing experience” and specifically noted his experience in the Job Readiness class, which led to a newfound understanding of emotional intelligence, behavior patterns, and so much more.

But it wasn’t until he and his wife had a baby girl that he truly realized what a blessing it was to earn a dependable living. He was especially grateful to have his CDL when she was diagnosed with autism. “After the diagnosis, I said, ‘Oh my God, what would have happened if I didn’t have the income?’ I would have been struggling in my regular I can provide for her.”

Diumar’s life has completely changed since earning his CDL; he has started his own trucking company and now works for himself. “No more struggling! I can support my family more easily; I can take my wife and daughter out and buy them stuff. I am developing a better future from scratch with better payment and possibilities.”

Diumar and Truck

Diumar now serves as a mentor and offers advice to those who are struggling, calling it his “passion.” He says, “I like helping people. I was there once and it was tough. I don’t want to see people struggling...they don’t realize the chance is in front of them.” Because of the Boca Helping Hands Job Training Program, Diumar and his wife now have the life they dreamt of—and he wants to share that with others. “I want to retire, help other people, and give them the chance to grow, too.” Because of his determination, he is well on his way!