Job Mentoring Success Story - Cecilia Randazzo

The Right Person at the Right Time
A Job Mentoring Success Story


On paper Cecilia Randazzo is a well accomplished woman. She’s lived on 3 different continents, grew up in Hawaii, speaks 4 different languages and has a solid background in Hospitality.

Yet when she moved back to the US after 20 years, she was greeted with a vastly different job market than when she left. Cecilia was unsure how to approach it and, in her words, “a bit insecure.” She turned to Boca Helping Hands and our Job Mentoring Program to gain that confidence back.  With the help of her Job Mentor, Gary Hildebrand, she was able to revamp her resume and kick-start her confidence.

“All it takes is the right person at the right time telling you ‘you’ll be okay,” Cecilia shared. “I needed that little bit extra… which I got here.” 

When the Boca Raton Resort held an open house, 800 applicants flooded the property for a chance at only 30 positions. The day before Cecilia was scheduled to interview for 3 different role at the resort, she scheduled a final one-on-one with Gary.

“She didn’t have the confidence. It was reaching inside and realizing she had the potential,” Gary said. “I just had to make her look at the good things she was capable of doing. She looked professional and knew the industry… She just needed to go over what a job interview would be like and I knew she would be fine.” 

And she was a lot more than just fine.

Brimming with pride Cecilia shared “I was so confident – like I’ve never been – and they hired me right on the spot!”

In her role as a Concierge she spends her days crafting the perfect experience for her guests. She works directly with various other departments, stays current on the local food scene and attractions, and fields requests ranging from a flower delivery to a skydiving trip.  

“To ask for help takes a lot of courage but there shouldn’t be a hesitation when you need it,” Cecilia said. “Just forget about everything and seek it out… It’s for anyone from A-Z."