Job Mentoring Success Story - Josefina Compres

Loving What You Do
A Job Mentoring Success Story


It’s one thing to be good at your job… it’s another thing to also LOVE your job. Josefina Compres loved her job as a life insurance agent. That’s why when a medical procedure and shift in her health meant she was unable to keep up the rigorous traveling her job demanded; she knew her next job needed to be one she loved just as much. After years in her prior role, she found herself in need of an updated resume and a boost of confidence.

After 3 months of unsuccessfully searching on her own, she turned to Boca Helping Hands and Volunteer Job Mentor Gary Hildebrand, for assistance. Gary recognized immediately that Josefina was both extremely experienced and highly qualified. For her, like so many, it came down to building up her self-esteem. 

Josefina said, “I definitely recognize that [it helped] to have someone with the experience and professionalism of Gary telling me, ‘You’re fine, keep going!’ He told me to get out there, knock on doors and get going. He empowered me, he was an inspiration.”

And knock on doors she did! With a revamped resume and a new-found belief in her abilities, Josefina hit the job market with vigor! It may have taken Josefina 3 months to turn to BHH for assistance but after just a few meetings with Gary, it took her a mere 3 weeks to find a job.

When we spoke, Josefina was in the thick of her training at Infinity Group Sales. She seemed not only thrilled for her new position but also at the prospect of growth to come. Yet at the root of it all, it all comes back to her need to love what she’s doing.

“I love to work with people, I have my whole life,” Josefina adds. “I’ve been a sales person since before I was born! It’s not just selling something and getting paid for an item… selling for me is helping people.