Job Training Success Story - Shavontae Tate

Creating a New Destination
A Job Training Success Story


Shavontae Tate wasn’t looking for a new job when she reached out to Boca Helping Hands… she was looking for a new career path! Working as a Call Center Supervisor, she had manageable income and a steady paycheck. Yet she had aspirations beyond the four walls of the Deerfield Beach building. When her boyfriend discovered BHH’s CDL Job Training Program, she urged him to pursue it. She saw the program for what it truly was, a life-changing opportunity. Upon his graduation, she immediately called BHH so she too could alter her course towards a more prosperous destination.

From the week long Life Skills classes held at BHH to her course development in Lake Worth to her driving classes in Miami, Shavontae tackled every aspect of the program with the desire to grow.

“You can do way more in your life with being in a program like this. You can put yourself in a position to become that person you’re trying to be in life.” Shavontae shared. “I just see it going up and when I say “up” I mean business, moneywise, just life security. Everything is just looking on the up-and-up.”

We’re pleased to share that Shavontae has become that person she’s trying to be in life. When we last spoke she was just days away from heading to Dallas, TX to begin her 6 week company training at Frozen Food Express (FFF). From there she and her boyfriend (who also works from FFF) would hit the road together swapping out driving shifts in the same truck. Teaming up in this way allows for less down time and the couple to make more money long-term.

“Normally when you’re by yourself, you have to be able to find a stop to reset for 10 hours - that wouldn’t be the case in our situation,” Shavontae explained. “Whenever I’m driving he’ll do his 10-hour reset and whenever he’s driving I’ll do my 10-hour reset. Basically we wouldn’t have any off-time which is great!”

In speaking with Shavontae, she kept going back to how immensely thankful she is for the funders of our Job Training Programs.  She spoke of the value of their gift and her desire to make the most of it.

 “People are putting their OWN hard earned money up for us to get through a program like this… it’s a blessing,” Shavontae shared. “What Ireally want to say is that I love them [the funders] but I just want to say thank you! Thank you for giving people like myself, my boyfriend, and anyone else who decides to go through with the program, an opportunity.”

With her 6-week training sure to fly by and their first route just on the horizon, the pair have truly changed their course in life. We look forward to hearing about the new roads they’ll travel and what prosperous destinations they’re headed towards.