Job Training Success Story - Yadira Pagan

Finding Comfort in her Career
A Job Training Success Story

7718_0.jpg“You know what they say, and I learned this, not to ever feel comfortable in any job," Yadira Pagan recalled.

Yadira had a wonderful job as a patient advocate with a company she worked at for nine years. In the three walls of her cubical at her corporate job she worked hard, earned her weekly paycheck and provided as the main breadwinner for her family. She felt comfortable in every sense of the word.

“Once you feel comfortable… all of a sudden they pulled the rug from under my feet.”

Unbeknownst to Yadira or her coworker, the company she had faithfully dedicated herself to for so long was committing fraud. With FBI agents immediately closing the doors, she found herself without a job and unsure of what to do next.

“We were left out in the street – boom, you’re done, 'bye bye',” Yadira said. “I was getting paid weekly, I was paying my bills, I was paying my rent, I was paying my car everything… and then all of sudden everything is taken away and I didn’t even see it coming.”

Desperate for work, she found herself bouncing from dead-end job to dead-end job. Despite always giving it her all, each job would eventually fall short of the new career path she sought. It was through the suggestion of an old coworker (who had secured employment through our Job Mentoring Program) that Yadira discovered Boca Helping Hands.

Although nervous and unsure, she was immediately drawn to the Home Health Aide (HHA) Job Training Program, realizing that this was the new career she had been searching for. In speaking with Yadira, she’s still struck by the kindness and support she received from the BHH staff , as they laid out for her step-by-step instructions for her success.

“It was a challenge in a way because obviously I’ve never done that before, but because they were so supportive and so helpful, it gave me confidence,” Yadira shared. “Going to class, getting my uniform, having homeworking, studying, coming home to read and learn and memorize, pop quizzes, and then tests… it was such a challenge in a way but exciting. I went for it all and I did it all.”

After completing the HHA program, Yadira approached every door, open or otherwise, with the confidence her certification provided.

“It was like my key for success was all my certifications – everybody welcomed me right away because they knew where I was coming from and that someone took the time to give the right tools and teach me what to do,” Yadira said.

“When I’d say I completed the program through Boca Helping Hands, they were like, ‘Okay, right over here, come on in!’ Everything just fell into place.”

Since completing the program over a year and a half ago, Yadira has found great success in the HHA industry. She currently works privately and with three different agencies, providing her with a flexible schedule and a variety of settings. In addition, she continues to use the lessons from her Job Readiness Class to create a manageable work/life balance, and feels both comfortable and confident in the career she’s created for herself.

“I cannot begin to tell you how thankful I am to have found your organization. Not only did they make me feel important, they have also awakened my goals in life,” Yadira said. “I am so grateful and thank God every day for Boca Helping Hands.”