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A strategically structured job training, mentoring, and education program that exists to empower students in their area of interest and train them in one of nine available areas of expertise. Click through each program below to learn more.

No matter which Job Training Program you choose, you will receive the training necessary to gain employment in a high-demand industry. Due to COVID-19, all programs have been adapted to a online and virtual setting. Internet connection, an personal computer and Zoom access are required for all programs.

"The Job Training Program helped me to understand myself, how people think, act, how to communicate, and of course, how to get a job and be successful."—Antonios Pavlidis

"People are giving their OWN hard-earned money for us to go through a program like this . . . it’s a blessing."—Shavontae Tate

“For someone who’s going to come here, whatever program they take, just go ahead and get to it. Everyone here is helpful, that’s why it’s called Helping Hands. So just ask for it and everyone will help you move forward."—Tim Sammiel, Jr.

“I cannot begin to tell you how thankful I am to have found your organization. Not only did they make me feel important, they have also awakened my goals in life."—Yadira Pagan

“I know myself now—I know the direction I’m going in and I have a different outlook on life."—Freda Ann Johnson

“Boca Helping Hands gave me the keys for success. I had to open the door, but you gave me the chance.”—Diumar Camacho

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Thank you to the generous supporters of our Job Training Program for positively impacting the lives of our students!