Renovating for the Future

To meet our 15% annual increase in food demand (plus emergency need due to COVID-19), BHH will be expanding our Warehouse space to double food storage capacity. While this renovation may sound like just an infrastructure project, it’s really much more than that: It’s an opportunity to create a conduit of compassion in our community, helping BHH to touch the lives of even more children and families in Palm Beach County. 

Virtual Volunteering Crosses Borders

Lynda Audet’s social distancing lifestyle isn’t all that different from her regular lifestyle – she spends her spring and summer days in her cozy Quebec, Canada home far from any other houses, with trees and the Laurentian Mountains all around her. But every week, she now has the opportunity to connect with clients from Boca Helping Hands (BHH) via Virtual Job Mentoring.

COVID-19 Program Updates

We've adapted many of our programs to continue operating during the pandemic. Learn more by reading our COVID-19 Program Updates.

The BHH Corona Chronicles

Scientists tell us that a virus is not a living organism, but this “Novel Coronavirus” has at times seemed not only alive but intelligent, even diabolical, in how it has brought an entire civilization to its knees.  Like every other organization, BHH’s operations have been severely affected by the collective defensive measures that have been required. As an essential service provider, we have had to find ways of meeting the increased needs of our community despite the restrictions. If there is a silver lining to be found anywhere in this cloud of catastrophe, it may be that the lessons we are learning are likely to improve the efficiency and impact of our programs in the future. 

Friends Fish to Fight Hunger

What’s better than a hobby to enjoy? A hobby that doubles as a way to feed the hungry! Six years ago, avid fishermen and friends Harrison Konsker and Maccabee Herman founded a nonprofit to feed local families with fresh local fish, caught “right off the coast.” Their organization is the largest source of fish donations made to Boca Helping Hands (BHH), having donated more than 2,500 pounds of fish to date.

Boca Helping Hands Summer 2020 Newsletter

The Boca Helping Hands Newsletter, Issue 28, Summer 2020 includes: The BHH Corona Chronicles COVID-19 Program Updates Stamp Out Hunger Goes Virtual Volunteers Step Up Thanksgiving Box Brigade Virtual Volunteering Crosses Borders Friends Fish to Fight Hunger Renovating for the Future Join Heart & Spirit

Boca Helping Hands adds pantry bag distribution site

Boca Helping Hands adds pantry bag distribution site in Lantana.

Boca Raton gets $317,000 in CARES Act money for housing assistance

WPTV interviews Boca Helping Hands Director of Programs Trina Chin Cheong and Councilman Andy Thomson for the CARES Act money for housing assistance.

Boca Helping Hands Raises Funds to Feed the Hungry: Around Town Newspaper

BHH featured in Around Town Newspaper

Boca Times Sanitizer for Boca Helping Hands

BHH featured on the cover of Boca Times!

A Message from the Executive Director

A message from the Executive Director Greg Hazle regarding Boca Helping Hands' stance on the long-standing and recent racial tensions in the U.S.

Boca Helping Hands Spring 2020 Newsletter

The Boca Helping Hands Newsletter, Issue 27, Spring 2020 includes: Joining Forces to Combat COVID-19 The Honor - and Challenge - of Celebrating Our Volunteers From Loss to Legacy Mike's Meatloaf Recipe Corporate Mentor Supports IT Job Training Success How to Help During the COVID-19 Crisis Save the Date Join Heart & Spirit

Lifestyle Media Group The other side of the pandemic

Boca Helping Hands Named Finalist for $100,000 Grant

We’re proud to announce that we’re a finalist for a 2020 Impact 100 grant! Out of 110 overall entries, BHH was selected as one of the two finalists in the “Family” category. Our project, which will triple our food storage capacity, will help us provide nutritious meals for even more people struggling to make ends meet. The winners will be announced in a live virtual event on May 28!

The Honor - and Challenge - of Celebrating Our Volunteers

As our annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner festivities drew to a close on the evening of March 1, I watched as the few remaining party stalwarts closed down the dance floor to the beats of Latin Salsa and ‘70s disco. I was thrilled that the evening had gone so well. 

From Loss to Legacy

For the first 12 years of his life, Luke Lynch enjoyed carefree days as the only child in a happy Boca Raton home. But in his thirteenth year, everything turned upside down when his father, James “Jim” Lynch, passed away.

Mike's Meatloaf Recipe

Fridays are unofficially known as “Mike’s Meatloaf Day” at BHH. 2016 BHH Volunteer of the Year Award Winner Mike Munger has volunteered as head chef of the kitchen on Fridays since 2013, clocking over 1,600 volunteer hours.

Corporate Mentor Supports IT Job Training Student

In the fall, BHH partnered with Office Depot to launch a new corporate mentoring initiative that pairs Office Depot team members with students in the IT Help Desk (IT) Job Training Program. Volunteer mentors from Office Depot will work with their students for the duration of the training program, providing direct insight into an IT career, helping them to stay motivated, and aiding them with their studies in preparation for certification. 

Joining Forces to Combat COVID-19

As we collectively mount a defense against COVID-19 for our own health and the health of our community, we all owe a debt of gratitude to those who willingly place themselves in harm’s way to confront the virus.